Research Performance Measurement

This study for the Netherlands’ Ministry of Education, Culture and Science was conducted in 2004/05. It consisted of two parts: (1) a survey of international practices and experiences with respect to academic research output measurement and its use for national policy-making in higher education; (2) organizing an expert meeting to test whether a system of output indicators may be used for the Dutch case. For part 1, six countries were surveyed: Australia, Flanders, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, and the United Kingdom. For part 2, sixteen experts from the Netherlands were invited to express their views on the matter of performance measurement. Together with a description of research performance measurement in the Netherlands, the outcomes of both parts of the study were included in a report published by the Ministry of Education.

Researchers involved: Ben Jongbloed, Carlo Salerno, Hans Vossensteyn, Jeroen Huisman