Limits to government funding

In order to inform its policymaking for the upcoming HOOP (Higher Education Planning document), the Netherlands Ministry of Education is interested in learning about the following issues for a number the higher education (HE) systems in Australia, the UK, Germany, Denmark and France:

1. What is the actual situation with respect to the demarcation of the public funding in higher education? What boundaries can be identified with respect to the types of institutions, degree programmes, and the various categories of students that qualify for public financial support?

2. What reasons are given for and what plans are made with respect to drawing the lines between what is funded and what’s not?

Special attention is given to the criterium of a student’s age, the private (independent) versus public status of the HE provider, and the character of the degree (undergraduate versus post-initial and lifelong learning) programmes.

Researcher: Ben Jongbloed