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Greetings from the independent foreign policy think tank atlantic-community.org in Berlin. 

We would be grateful if you could inform your undergraduate and graduate students as well as recent graduates about our call for articles:

Shaping Our NATO: Young Voices on the Warsaw Summit

We believe that NATO needs fresh ideas from a younger generation of thinkers. This competition encourages students and recent graduates to look at how the alliance can learn from its mistakes, increase solidarity amongst its members, improve defense planning, and prepare for future challenges.

Participants have to submit a short article (700 – 1000 words) and be prepared to discuss their ideas online with peers from around the world in order to write a joint policy memo.

The winners will be given a fully covered trip to Germany and Poland this September to discuss their ideas on the future of the Alliance with decision-makers and experts. See:

Writing competition: "Shaping Our NATO: Young Voices on the Warsaw Summit"

The deadlines for submissions depend on the category chosen and range from June 19 to July 10.

Best regards, Joerg Wolf
Editor-in-Chief of atlantic-community.org

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