During the study program and in later professions, computers are part of the general requirements. Bachelor students are expected to have their own (laptop-) computers. At floor eight and twelve of the Horst building, computer facilities are available for Master’s students. However, although not (yet) mandatory in the Master’s program, a personal laptop computer is recommended.


At the Horst, many lockers are available for students. Keys for one of these lockers (€ 30 deposit) can be arranged at the financial office of the faculty CTW (Bert Kloppers, Horst N260).


At admission to a study program at the UT (and arranging of a digital photo at the blue desk , Bastille building room 213, of CSA between 12:30h and 16.00h), all students receive a student card (also often referred to as “college card”) and information on how to obtain an UT-chip card (requests at CSA).

The student card serves as proof of enrolment and as general identification card at the UT, also at examination sessions. Moreover, the card contains information that guarantees its functioning as library card, Union card (representing the automatic membership of the Student Union upon enrolment) and Student Union Activity Card (SUAC) when use of campus facilities (sports and culture) was indicated at terms of (re-)enrolment. In case of transfer or termination of study programs within the academic year, the card has to be replaced or turned in. In case of loss, CSA can be contacted for a new card (€ 5,-), but first ensure that the card is not found at a canteen, reception or BOOZ-TNW.

Chip cards, that are generally present on bank cards, function as the general way of payment at the UT. A chip card is required for copying, printing, coffee machines and ensures reduced rates at canteens. At many campus locations (often nearby canteens), revalueing of the chip card is possible.

You can buy a prepaid chip card at the UT. This prepaid card is particularly suitable for (foreign) students who do not have a Dutch bank account and no ordinary chip card. The prepaid chip card is available for €10 or  € 20 at the catering facilities and the main cashier’s office on the sixth floor of the Spiegel building.


At all educational buildings, printers and copy machines are available for making black/white copies and prints (free until a certain quotum per student and generally € 0.04 per page for more copies). Payment has to be performed with the chip card, see previous paragraph. Printers can be accessed by the regular computer facilities (log on with student account) or at the Horst, two printers (central hall and OostHorst) can be installed on laptops. Check the manual of the notebook service centre at >Support>Gebruikers Handleiding(en) .

Besides these self-service printers and copy machines, a number of Quick Service Points (QSP) (e.g. central hall Horst), the Union Shop (Bastille) and a digital service desk are available for extended repro facilities. Check for further information, office hours and prices the site of the Facility Department: > Kopieer en reprofaciliteiten (Dutch). Alternatively, there are copy shops in Enschede and Hengelo for large orders.

The ITBE service offers use of a number of scanners in the computer facilities located at the central library (free of charge).


Books for study goals can be purchased for reduced prices by the student association Paradoks. The book committee of Paradoks sends a quarterly e-mail that notices members at the final date for book ordering at the Integral Book Ordering System. For more information, contact Paradoks (paragraph 8.9). Alternatively, books can be ordered at the Campus Book store, internet or regular book stores.

Lecture notes (syllabi, readers) for all study programs are available at the Union Shop in the Bastille, which also sells general bureau accessories. The website ( provides more information on the availability of lecture notes.

Possible hand-outs are generally provided by tutors of the concerning course, often accessible at TeleTOP.


The university library is part of the Department for Information Technology, Library & Education (ITBE). The library serves two purposes:


Information services: books and magazines on a great number of research areas are available in different ways: on-line, hard copy, lendable, only on inspection.


Study facilities: the library offers several study facilities: study spaces in the reading halls, private study rooms, study rooms for groups and computer facilities.

With a valid student card, students are entitled to use all library facilities including borrowing of books of the full university collection. Information about borrowing or ordering publications outside the regular university collection can be requested at the counters of the library locations.

The on-line catalogue of the university library, comprising the full collection of the university, can be accessed through internet ( Furthermore, other catalogi, on-line databases and search engines can be found at this site. Most magazine volumes of recent years and even some books can be digitally accessed all over the campus. Further digitalising is in progress.

The collection concerning BME is located in the central library, which is located in the Vrijhof.

Opening hours: Mon. to Fri: 8.30h – 22.00h,

Sat. 11.30 – 16.30,

Sun. 11.30 – 16.30 (during exam. periods only)

Telefoon: (+31 53 – 489) 2777, fax: (+31 53-) 4351805 (Information desk)



Many university buildings have their own canteen. In the Horst, the canteen is located in the central hall, which is part of the Edu-café. Outside lunch time, this café is meant for self study and group meetings. The canteen is open from 09.15h to 15.00h, except for holidays in which opening hours may be limited. Orders in advance (coffee, lunch, etc.) can be requested daily at the canteen (tel. 2386).


For the most recent information about laptop discounts, software, contact information, manuals for printer and scanner installation the website of the Notebook Service Centre can be consulted ( or tel:5533). The Notebook Service Centre is located in the Westhorst 130 and is opened from Monday to Friday between 8.30h−12.00h and between 12.30h−17.00h. This centre can also be contacted for services in hardware and software and for repairs of hardware sold by the NSC.