Welcome at the University of Twente and more specific the bachelor and master education programs in Biomedical Engineering of the faculty of Science and Technology. The objective of our programs is to help students to become biomedical engineers suitable for careers in health care, industry, academia and government, and to advance research in Biomedical Engineering.

The study programs provide a learning environment that encourages students to apply biomedical engineering methods to advance scientific discovery, to integrate knowledge from basic cellular and molecular biology through tissue, organ and whole body physiology and to exploit this knowledge to design diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation technologies in order to improve human health.

Our Institute for Biomedical Engineering Research (BMTI) provides a unique and rich environment which offers research projects ranging from basic science through engineering design and clinical application.

This paper version of the study guide comprises the basic information on the BSc and MSc programs on BME in a single booklet. Some information which is only relevant for bachelor students is presented in the Dutch language. All other information is in English, reflecting the international ambition of our university. For actual information I like you to refer to our websites.

We did our best in preparing this paper edition, but when you possibly notice some improvements, I will be glad to be informed about¹.

I hope this guide will be helpful in selecting an appropriate curriculum and in finding your way during the course of your study.

On behalf of the lecturers and other staff members of the Biomedical Engineering school, I wish you a pleasant and successful participation in our study programs.

Dr. ir. Jan A. van Alsté

Program director

Correspondence to the secretary of the BME educational office Monique Davids: