Innovation & Entrepreneurship STAR version (INN&ENT *)

Students who want to participate in the special Star group project will be selected based on their project proposal. The project proposal need to be directed to submission to the Intel Business Challenge Europe & and VLT student entrepreneur event. Which means that the STAR project will be a more ambitious project than the standard INN&ENT. Furthermore it is characterised by a tech focus. The technology oriented business sketch which result from the project need to be ready for submission the Intel Business Challenge Europe. Participation to this Challenge is not included but voluntary based on quality and selection.

Application INN&ENT*

Application for participation in INN&ENT *

Project group Information

If you would like to participate in the INN&ENT* module in 2014-2015 which is part of the IBA excellence programme please fill in this form before 25 October 2014:

Projectproposal INN&ENT*

The proposal needs to include (see powerpoint of information meeting 16 September 2014):

- Names, email and student numbers of 5 group members
 - 600-word sketch of their business idea
 - Declaration that the team is willing to submit an abstract to the Intel Business Challenge

The questions marked with an * are required.