IBA STAR programme: FAIS*

FAIS offers a STAR-version of the project or FAIS*. The difference of the star-project compared with the regular project is related to the level of understanding the modules theoretical parts. Understanding of theory in more depth will be necessary for example in order to apply the theory in a more complex situation or to develop insights at a meta level. In each module the project differs from the standard project in a different way. For each module a separate selection procedure will be followed which will be directed at selecting 10% of the students. Hereafter information about FAIS * and application for it is given.

In FAIS* we ask the FAIS* students to do the project as described for regular students but we want to challenge them in thinking more conceptually and analytically. We expect FAIS* students to have a proactive and critical attitude, e.g. that they consider underlying assumptions or measurement, when analysing or preparing decisions and reporting the results. Students that participate in the STAR program are expected to excel in these skills.

FAIS STAR programme 2015-2016: -

Information about the STAR version of FAIS and the application and selection for participation in FAIS STAR will be published on the Blackboard site of FAIS.