Star program: SME*: September 2016

The assignment for the students participating in the star program will be research-oriented. Students might choose to focus on one of the module disciplines. This will be an individual assignment done next to the group assignment.

A star program is an assignment deepening knowledge of one of the topics covered in the module. A task for each student will be to choose a particular piece of report and write an essay of max 2000 words deepening the understanding of the chosen part. It can be for example an in-depth analysis of literature or a critique on a strategic management model or theory.

One of the reasons to enter the star program for some students was to work more closely with professors and other star program students. We will provide feedback on demand and will encourage students to peer review each other essays.

There will be a few meeting points with star program students:


Organizational one at the beginning of the module


Students might use office hours of the professor they have chosen to work with

Criteria of assessment:


In order to pass the star program the students need to:


Deliver a good quality essay. Papers which quality is insufficient will not be accepted.


Actively participate in the group sessions (if organized)


Top quality papers will be awarded by increasing a grade for the project for maximum of 1 point.

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