Goals and aims

The programme has the following aims.


To teach students modern, advanced mathematical knowledge with an emphasis on its application to problems in their chosen field of specialization;


To give students an understanding of the methods and techniques of their field and of the position their field occupies within the broader fields of science;


To help students acquire the skills and develop the attitude necessary to function at the academic level. This includes the skills that are needed to be able to communicate effectively and to collaborate with researchers in flanking disciplines both individually and as part of a team;


To raise students’ awareness of the social context and social impact of research and developments in their field;


To give students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, attitude and skills that will enable them to continue on an academic path leading up to a doctorate programme and degree (if willing and able);

In working to achieve these aims, attention is explicitly focused on alignment with both national and international standards, on reflection on science, technology and society (this is explored in the traineeship, for example, when students are expected to reflect on the working environment), on presentation and on the feasibility of the programme from the student’s point of view.