Telecommunications commercial exchanges: between relationships management and decision-making

13 maart 2003, 13:15 uur

promotie M. E. Moreno Bragado, faculteit Bedrijf, Bestuur en Technologie (Business, Public Administration and Technology): Commercial Exchanges in B2B Dyads: a New Model of Decision-Making in Fast Changing Markets

This dissertation presents a model of commercial exchanges in B2B dyads. This model explains how buying and selling decisions are taken in industrial markets that are subject to continuous change, particularly the market for telecommunication products and services.

Buying and selling decision-making processes are traditionally understood to be unilateral and sequential processes that depend on an evaluation of alternatives and selection of the most appropriate one, while gathering information to avoid problems of uncertainty. These theories supply proven and useful ideas, although their explanation of what happens in real and dynamic situations (particularly in the telecommunication market) is at times incomplete.

The new model can be described as relational since it takes into account the counterpart’s actions and reactions. In addition, it does not consider the linearity and intentionality of the decision-maker. The model is dynamic because it considers the changes that affect decision-makers. These are the characteristics required to contribute to existing theories of marketing, purchasing, network approach and organisational decision‑making.

The ‘advantage’ of this model is that it considers a decision-maker disregarding the role that a customer or a provider is ‘supposed’ to play within an industrial sector.


prof. dr. W. van Rossum


dr. ir. P. Terlouw


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