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15 Dec 2014 - Fraud-proof credit card possible because of quantum physics Cards, such as identification cards and credit cards, which are impossible to hack. With a system based on quantum physics this will soon be possible. Researchers from the UT research institute MESA+ and the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) have together developed a method with which you can authenticate physical objects which are impossible to copy. The research has been published today in The Optical Society’s (OSA) new high-impact journal Optica (and is shown on the cover). 10 Dec 2014 - Simulating fluid surfaces: for better understanding on micro and macro scales Many physical phenomena can only be explained if you understand what is happening at a molecular level. In order to prevent thrombosis, for example, you have to have in-depth knowledge of how individual blood cells behave in the veins. And in order to understand how you could improve inkjet printers, it is important to thoroughly understand the interaction between the ink drops and the tubes through which the ink is conveyed. Computer simulations are an important weapon in the battle for this fundamental knowledge. Prof. Dr Jens Harting works at the MESA+ research institute on state-of-the-art computer simulations in the field of microfluidics. On 11 December he gives his inaugural lecture at the University of Twente. 4 Dec 2014 - Willem Vos receives Descartes-Huygens Award On 26 January 2015 Willem Vos of UT research institute MESA+ will receive the Descartes-Huygens Award in Amsterdam. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) announced this today. He has been granted the award for his excellent research and his contribution to the French-Dutch collaboration. The award, 23,000 euros, is intended for a stay as guest researcher France. 3 Dec 2014 - Effect van een laser op een druppel in snelle video Een vloeistofdruppel reageert zeer heftig op de impact van een laserstraal. De druppel vervormt sterk, wordt snel voortgestuwd en kan zelfs exploderen. In de nieuwste machines voor chipfabricage worden deze effecten benut bij het genereren van extreem ultraviolet (EUV) licht. De spectaculaire video die onderzoekers van de Physics of Fluids groep (MESA+) maakten, was goed voor de Milton van Dyke Award van de American Physical Society. 2 Dec 2014 - Research University of Twente visualizes doping By equipping a semiconductor, with which you can convert sunlight into electricity, with micropillars, you can increase the surface and efficiency. Creating a so-called P/N junction in these micropillars, which follows the 3D structure of the surface, is essential in this to be able to properly separate the positive and negative charge in the structure. Scientists of the UT research institute MESA+ have for the very first time succeeded in accurately visualizing these P/N junctions in semiconductors in 3D. They created a semiconductor with a million minuscule micropillars per square centimetre and succeeded in accurately portraying the P/N junction with an electron microscope. The research has been published in the prominent scientific journal Advanced Energy Materials. 1 Dec 2014 - Bachelorstudent selected as finalist in KAUST competition Rick Driessen, Bachelor student at the University of Twente, has been selected as one of the finalists of the KAUST International Research Competition for Undergraduates. 1 Dec 2014 - Snelle tweedimensionale halfgeleiders Van tweedimensionale materialen, zoals het bekende grafeen, wordt veel verwacht: ze hebben zeer intrigerende eigenschappen. Ze kunnen in potentie ook leiden tot snellere chips. Toch zijn daar nog wel wat horden te nemen: massafabricage is nog niet zo eenvoudig en grafeen ontbeert één cruciale eigenschap die silicium wel heeft. Dit is reden om ook naar andere tweedimensionale materialen te kijken, in een onderzoeksprogramma geleid door prof Harold Zandvliet van het MESA+ Instituut voor Nanotechnologie van de UT. De Stichting FOM steekt 1,6 miljoen euro in het project. 28 Nov 2014 - Professor De Winter Award for Séverine Le Gac and Marieke Huisman Today, during the celebration of the Dies Natalis of the University of Twente, the Professor De Winter Award was presented to Dr Séverine Le Gac, MSc and Professor Marieke Huisman, MSc. It is the first time in the history of this publication award for female top talent that the award is presented to two researchers. Le Gac is connected to the UT research institutes MESA+ and MIRA; Huisman's research is part of the CTIT.