Master of Environmental and Energy Management (MEEM)

“…my previous employer, Energy Sector Assistance Programme (ESAP) offered me a better position with more benefits, with a reservation to continue with PhD studies at the time and place of my choice...ESAP management has highly valued the MEEM course, CSTM and UT.… At this moment I

am more than happy that the MEEM course

led me to better destination in no time”.

(Niraj Subedi, Nepal)

"My courses in MEEM teach me a lot about how to manage my time, my resources, and my emotion. These give me valuable experiences to handly my job afterward and contribute significantly to my professional achievement.”

(Ari Rakatama, Indonesia)


“I am working as a lecturer/trainer for Forestry Education and Training Center, The Ministry of Forestry now. MEEM course helped me to improve my knowledge and skills in environmental management, ecology and energy management, so I am able to deliver better services in my duties to educate and train forest employees in my country.” (David Suwito, Indonesia)

"… I have received a job offer in the Netherlands at a worldwide food industry and one of the reasons was because of the MEEM course. They want a person with a mixed background of Management & Environment, something the MEEM gave to me.”

(Miguel Urrea, Mexico)