Master of Environmental and Energy Management (MEEM)

“…my previous employer, Energy Sector Assistance Programme (ESAP) offered me a better position with more benefits, with a reservation to continue with PhD studies at the time and place of my choice...ESAP management has highly valued the MEEM course, CSTM and UT.… At this moment I

am more than happy that the MEEM course

led me to better destination in no time”.

(Niraj Subedi, Nepal, 2009/2010)


“….The Masters Programme was the best preparation for my current assignment at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization as a Junior National Expert on Environment and Cleaner Production…” (Waleed Mansour, Egypt 2008/2009)

"My network has expanded in a direction

which I have chosen! thanks to MEEM”.

(Mark de Wit, the Netherlands, 2009-2010)