Public Administration

The Department of Public Administration (PA) is responsible for research and education in the areas of Public Administration, European Studies and Public Management and Policy. It approaches these issues from a multilevel perspective with a focus of the relationship between sub-national, national, European and global levels of governance. PA is a multidisciplinary group of researchers, combining economic, legal, political and sociological perspectives in a strong methodological setting.

Research is mainly embedded in the multi-disciplinary research program Innovation of Governance of the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies - IGS, which focuses mainly on changes in the relationships between citizens and their government at various levels (local, regional, EU and global) with specific attention for the emergence of multilevel governance, from the viewpoints of legitimacy and effectiveness.

Two central themes, Democracy and European Governance and Integration, are covered by two IGS Centres of Expertise: the Centre for the Study of Democracy and the Centre for European Studies.

The Department is composed of the following disciplinary groups:


Economic Governance


Law and Regulation


Political Science and Research Methods


Public Management


Sociology of Public Governance

Latest news

New book by Tsjalle van der Burg: Football Business

In this entertaining look at the financial issues at the heart of the beautiful game, economist Tsjalle Van der Burg addresses the many questions raised by football’s transformation from sporting pastime to big business.
Football has come a long way from its roots in the middle of the nineteenth century as a sport enjoyed by amateurs who played for their local team. Now football is serious business and boys from Wales play football for Spanish clubs, which pay £85 million transfer fees to obtain them. So have the billions invested in the game improved play, created more footballing legends and provided greater pleasure for the fans, or is high finance breaking the beautiful game? ... read more

Joint degree UT en Münster heet ‘Public governance across borders’

‘Public governance across borders’. Dat wordt de naam van de nieuwe joint degree van de UT en de Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster. Volgens opleidingsdirecteur René Torenvlied en onderwijscoördinator Rik Reussing is die bacheloropleiding inhoudelijk niet nieuw, maar het diploma dat je er voor krijgt wel. ... read more

prof. Arie Halachmi

In memoriam Arie Halachmi

Arie Halachmi, a professor of Public Administration at Tennessee State University in Nashville (since 1978) and research professor at Sun Yat-sen University in PR China (since 1995) has passed away recently, June 4. ... read more

Recent publication

Recent publication by Annemieke Konijnendijk (e.a.) in Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice. ... read more