The Department of Public Administration (PA)

The Department of Public Administration (PA) is responsible for research and education in the areas of Public Administration, European Studies and Public Management and Policy. It approaches these issues from a multilevel perspective with a focus of the relationship between sub-national, national, European and global levels of governance. PA is a multidisciplinary group of researchers, combining economic, legal, political and sociological perspectives in a strong methodological setting.

Research is mainly embedded in the multi-disciplinary research program Innovation of Governance of the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies - IGS, which focuses mainly on changes in the relationships between citizens and their government at various levels (local, regional, EU and global) with specific attention for the emergence of multilevel governance, from the viewpoints of legitimacy and effectiveness.

Two central themes, Democracy and European Governance and Integration, are covered by two IGS Centres of Expertise: the Centre for the Study of Democracy and the Centre for European Studies.

The Department is composed of the following disciplinary groups:


Economic Governance


Law and Regulation


Political Science and Research Methods


Public Management


Sociology of Public Governance

Latest news

Over Van der Burg’s ‘Football Business’ in NRC

Afgelopen weekend (8-9 November 2014) werd er in NRC Next en NRC Handelsblad uitgebreid aandacht besteed aan het boek ‘Football Business: How Markets are Breaking the Beautiful Game’ van econoom Tsjalle van der Burg. Klik ... read more

De vormgeving van sociale (wijk)teams

Veel gemeenten kiezen voor de inzet van sociale (wijk)teams als instrument voor de transformatie in het sociale domein. De teams worden gezien als de onmisbare schakel in de wijkgerichte aanpak.

De Universiteit Twente heeft samen met de gemeenten Zaanstad, Leeuwarden, Enschede, Platform31 en BMC Advies onderzoek gedaan naar de vormgeving van sociale (wijk)teams. De onderzoekers hebben gekeken naar de organisatie van de teams en naar de knelpunten die zich voordeden bij de (door)ontwikkeling van de teams. Tijdens het onderzoek is gezorgd voor een wisselwerking tussen theorie en praktijk. ... read more

Elsevier survey: Public Administration ranked 1

The master’s programme of Public Administration, offered by the University of Twente was ranked first in Elsevier’s student survey 2014.

Scores above average.
In the survey, all university programmes at Dutch universities were evaluated for their facilities, teaching, programme design, lecturers, assessments and organization & communication. This resulted in an overall score given by the students, which was 71 for our Public Administration programme.
We were ranked high on assessments, facilities and teachers but also ... read more

New book: Size And Local Democracy

New book by Bas Denters, Michael Goldsmith, Andreas Ladner, Poul Erik Mouritzen, and Lawrence E. Rose
How large should local governments be, and what are the implications of changing the scale of local governments for the quality of local democracy? These questions have stood at the centre of debates among scholars and public sector reformers alike from antiquity to the present. This monograph offers the first systematic cross-national investigation of these questions using empirical evidence gathered specifically for this purpose. Results provide insights that offer important touchstones for reform activities and academic research efforts in many countries. ... read more