Department Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems (IEBIS)

The mission of IEBIS is to conduct high-quality interdisciplinary research and education in area of Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems. We closely collaborate with industry, knowledge institutes and government agencies. We focus on projects that have substantial impact on innovating practice while significantly contributing to the international scientific knowledge base.

The focus of our research is on the logistics, healthcare and services sector. We have a special interest in decision support systems and inter-organizational systems connecting networks of businesses and governments. We study novel ways of organizing networks such as dynamic global sourcing and multi-agent coordination. We apply quantitative models and algorithmic approaches, simulation and gaming, ICT architecture and business modeling and prototyping to create and evaluate innovative concepts.

The research of IEBIS is divided in three themes:


Design, planning, optimization and control of operational processes in production, transportation, supply chains, service logistics, and health care logistics.


Design and engineering of IT based services for coordination and integration of business processes in supply chains and business networks.


Financial engineering, risk management, and financial decision making.


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BMC Tooling Seminar

INVITATION 14 November – Tooling for the Business Model Canvas WORKSHOP

No more paper for Business Model Canvas design?
The business model canvas has gained global popularity to support business model design and innovation. While new business models are often describing innovative digital services, the canvas designs itself are dominantly using paper canvases and colored stick-up notes. Can business model design teams benefit from software tool support?
In this seminar you get an overview canvas tools newly developed in research and business. Through demo’s, presentations and hands on tests, we evaluate their merits and discuss requirements for the next generation of business model tool support. ... read more

Snelle diagnostiek voor alle kankerpatiënten mogelijk

De ziekte kanker heeft een grote impact op iemands leven. Snelle diagnostiek en behandeling van kanker is daarom wenselijk. In veel ziekenhuizen varieert de tijd tot diagnose en behandeling tussen verschillende vormen van kanker sterk. Gaat het om grote groepen patiënten, zoals borstkankerpatiënten, dan is er in de meeste ziekenhuizen een snelle diagnose mogelijk. De toegang tot zorg voor andere kankerpatiënten, vaak kleinere groepen, komt dan vaak op de tweede plaats. Dat is niet eerlijk en kan beter volgens Gréanne Leeftink van de Universiteit Twente. Leeftink (studente Technische Bedrijfskunde) ontving de NWO talentbeurs voor haar onderzoeksvoorstel naar doelmatige zorglogistiek voor alle mogelijke kankerpatiënten. ... read more

INVITATION 12 November - Social media en participatie in de nonprofit sector - Seminar en promotie Robin Effing

Wat zijn de gevolgen van Facebook voor de participatie van burgers en politici? Wat is de verlossende kracht van social media voor kerkgemeenschappen? Heeft Twitter toegevoegde waarde in de nonprofit sector? U bent van harte welkom voor het seminar over social media en participatie in de nonprofit sector en aansluitend de promotie van Robin Effing. ... read more

Supply Chain Hackathon 2014

After the success of the Supply Chain Hackathon 2013 the University of Twente, in collaboration with Port of Twente, will organize a second Supply Chain Hackathon on October 24th, 2014. During this event teams of analysts, designers and analysts get the opportunity to show off their skills in solving a number of difficult cases involving transportation and the supply chain. ... read more