Faculty Council

The Faculty Council (FR) is a co-determination representative body in which both staff and students are represented. The FR can give solicited or unsolicited advice to the dean on all matters which the School of Management and Governance or its personnel or students become. Based on the law the FR has the right to give their consent in matters to key issues such as the faculty regulations, school policy, and the education and examination regulations. The FR at the School of Management and Governance consist of five staff members and five student members, who are elected through an election each year (students) or biennial election (staff).

Faculty Council 2012/2013

On behalf of the staff

dr. M.L. Ehrenhard (Michel)

dr. R. Harms (Rainer)

H. Klaczynski (Hèla)

dr. L. Leisyte (Luidvika)

dr. P. Stegmaier (Peter)

On behalf of the students

J.W. Koning (Janine)

E. Meijer (Erik)

M.J. Pol (Marjon)

F. van Vugt (Florian)

J.C.N. Wagenaar (Jurriën)


J.N. Pilot-van der Weerd (Jasmine)

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