Manual changing password employees

This manual guides you in the steps to change your ICT account password. This is the password you use for all UT related ICT services like the UT Workstation, PC rooms, e-mail, Blackboard and Osiris.

If you no longer know your current password, you can go to the ICTS Service Desk in person to change this. You should take your identification with you.



When making your way through the manual a consistent style of writing has been used: references to text and buttons on screens are printed in italics, information that you have to enter yourself is printed in bold.


Step 1: IDM


Surf to


At User ID, enter your employee number followed by (e.g.


At Password, enter the corresponding (current) password.


Click Log In.


Step 2: Password policy


Make sure you have read and understand the UT password policy.


Click Change Password.


Step 3: Change password


At current password, enter your current ICT account password.


At new password and confirm new password, enter your new password.


Click Save.

changed password

Your password is now changed. Log off IDM via the Logout button in the top right corner.


It takes approximately 15 minutes before your new password is applied on alle systems (e.g. eduroam, e-mail, Blackboard, Osiris, VPN and e-mail).

Please note: If you have configured your devices and/or software with your old password, you’ll need to change the password there too.