7. Directed investigation

7.1. In case of a suspicion of use in violation with the Code of Conduct the user in question will be called to account for his/her behaviour by the administrator as soon as possible.


Directed investigation into a person takes place if there are legitimate suspicions of, or if it has been established that an incorrect use as referred to in the clauses 3, 5 and 6 of this Code of Conduct has taken place. The main purposes of directed investigation are:


establishing improper use of ITC and the internet;


checking agreements made on the (prohibited) use;


checking whether company secrets are sufficiently protected and are not or have not been made public;


preventing negative publicity about the University

7.3. Directed investigation takes place after a written instruction from the Executive Board to the director ICTS and is carried out by a designated ICT officer. The instruction of the Executive Board is to state the reason for performing the investigation and why – if appropriate – the user is only informed of the investigation afterwards.

7.4. The Executive Board is informed in writing about the results of the investigation. If the investigation gives no reason for further measures, the written report is destroyed.

7.5. Only in the event of compelling reasons directed investigation into the content of email messages and stored files takes place. These reasons are stated in the written instruction of the Executive Board.

7.6. Email messages and files of university council members, faculty council members and members of the programme committee who are in office are not excluded from the general supervision of the system and network security but are excluded from a directed investigation in so far as the emails and files concern their functioning as a member of the participation committee/programme committee.

7.7. The user in relation to whom an investigation as referred to in clause 7.3. takes place, will be informed in writing by the Executive Board as soon as possible about the reason, implementation and result of the investigation. The user is given the opportunity to provide an explanation in regard of the data found. Providing information to the user is postponed if this harms the investigation.

7.8 Items that do not belong on ICT workplaces and computer systems of the University, such as illegal software, films and music, are removed on the instruction of the administrator. The user will be informed about this in advance, unless this impedes the investigation.