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Building projects on campus

Construction work on the Education and Research Centre

This special issue concerns the developments to the Education and Research Centre (E&R Centre) on the University of Twente campus. As is well known, a number of the University’s buildings are more than 35 years old and no longer meet today’s demands. In addition to this, strengthening the primary processes (education and research) carries consequences for the quality requirements made on the accommodation for faculties, programmes and research institutes. Apart from the necessary renovations to buildings, a new build development is also in place to cater for the rise in student numbers, and to enable us to close down the Langezijds and Hogekamp buildings which are now out-of-date.

A master plan was developed some years ago to map out a framework for all these building projects. It was decided that the campus redevelopment should focus on two areas: the Residential and Recreational Centre (around the Vrijhof and Bastille buildings) and the Education and Research Centre (between the Langezijds, Horst and Zilverling buildings). The principles of this master plan are:


The spaces in the renovated buildings and the new buildings need to be versatile in terms of their use. The laboratories can be made smaller or larger according to requirement, and can be easily adapted to serve a new function.


Both the buildings as well as their facilities need to be suitable for use by different disciplines.


The buildings will be linked to one another as far as possible by means of footbridges and other walkways.


Space will be used more efficiently within the context of the motto ‘more with less space’.

The following two pages give an overall impression of the Education and Research Centre, as it should look after completion in 2009. All construction and renovation projects will be completed before November 2008, as set out in an agreement with Enschede City Council. The new Nanolab and Carré buildings (laboratories for the Faculty of Applied Sciences (AS) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)) will not be completed until a later date. This means that the Langezijds and Hogekamp buildings will not be vacated by November 2008 as previously planned, but instead a year later. Agreements were also made with Enschede City Council concerning this matter.

The six projects in the E&R Centre have been spread out over a number of years since they cannot all be carried out simultaneously. The target dates for the completion of the projects are listed on the copy of the ground plan on the following pages.

The last page of this special issue gives an overview of the projects in the Residential and Recreational Centre.

A. The Citadel and Ravelijn buildings

Planning: commence project April 2007

A new build development will be built for the Faculty of Management and Governance directly next to the Citadel and Ravelijn-hoog buildings. Both the Citadel and Ravelijn-hoog buildings will be adapted at a later stage to meet the faculty’s new programme of demands.

B. The Zilverling building, the former library and Hall A

Completion of the Zilverling building: December 2006

Completion of the library: spring 2007

The EEMCS services, which are currently still housed in the Hogekamp building, will move to this location. An educafé, social areas and offices for student clubs will be housed in the former library. The work on Hall A and the Zilverling building has already been completed and a new location for the former EDMM/Computer Science library is now being designed in the Zilverling building.

C. The Waaier building

Planning: start of 2008 – end of 2009

The renovation works due to take place in the Waaier building are intended to expand the canteen capacity to that of a fully-fledged staff restaurant, to make the lecture theatres suitable for academic ceremonies, and to increase the capacity of the classrooms.

D. Carré and Nanolab buildings

Planning: spring 2007 – start of 2009

A large proportion of the occupants from the Hogekamp and Langezijds buildings will be housed in the new Carré and Nanolab development. The Carré building will provide offices, labs and around 25 pool rooms for teaching. New, extremely low vibration labs will also be built in the Nanolab next to the new cleanroom. These new build properties are closely connected with one another and will, therefore, be constructed simultaneously. The preparatory works began at the start of October.

E. The Meander building

Completion: autumn 2007

The Meander building is a new hall being built opposite the Pinetum in the Horst complex. The Meander building will be used mainly to house the chairs of the Faculty of Science and Technology. The building will be equipped for research into the field of process technology and fluid dynamics and will be connected to the Zuidhorst building and the future Carré and Nanolab buildings by a footbridge.

Completed projects in the E&R Centre

The Spiegel building

Completed: 2001

The Vleugel building

Completed: 2001

The Horsttoren building

Completed: 2001

The Kleinhorst building

Completed: end of 2003

The Cubicus building

Completed: January 2004

The Teehuis building

Completed: April 2004

The Horstring building

Completed: autumn 2004

The Noord and Oosthorst buildings

Completed: autumn 2004

The Westhorst building

Completed: autumn 2004