Sportcenter & facilities


Situated in the green, with wonderful accommodations and the possibility to practice 40 kinds of sports. Where can you still find such a place today? Indeed, only at the University of Twente.

Outsiders are often jealous about the sporting opportunities students have. You too can profit from these magnificent facilities on an academic level.

For everybody, to suit all tastes and desires. . .


Are you looking for a nice spot to organise a large sports event?


Are you looking for space to organise a non-sports related activity?


Are you looking for a great training location?


Are you planning a sports day with a large variety of sports?


Are you considering a training camp at an “academic” level?


Do you simply want to make incidental use of all our sports facilities?

Six questions which we can answer for sure!


Three sport halls, an artificial and a natural grass pitch, a climbing wall, athletic facilities, an archery range, rowing facilities at the aquatic centre, a baseball pitch, a beach volleyball pitch, a basketball platform, nine tennis courses and of course an outdoor and indoor swimming pool.

These are the facilities which we use to make your sports wishes come true.

The University of Twente will make a sport out of it!

The Sports Centre at the University of Twente offers sports and sport facilities to students with an Xtra-card, employees and other customers. More information: