The Campus of the University of Twente values culture highly. Not only for its students, but also to offer other parties the possibility to accommodate congresses, events and small-scale cultural projects. Apart from three theatre halls, the Vrijhof contains exhibition rooms, workrooms, studios, a group darkroom and pop- and music-studios as well.

A small selection of activities that have been organized by Vrijhof Cultural Centre for many years show that the University of Twente can also mean a lot to you.

“Broodje Cultuur”


Broodje Cultuur

For more than 35 years there has been a lunch-break performance in the Vrijhof every Monday afternoon at 12:35.This “Broodje Cultuur” (literally “Culture Sandwich”) is characterized by a varied program: theatre, dance, film, lectures, cabaret and classical and contemporary music performances.

Evening Performances


In the evening there are also performances in the Vrijhof, especially from the cultural clubs, but sometimes Vrijhof Cultural Centre offers extraordinary projects as well.

Exhibitions in and around the Vrijhof 

Every month, the Vrijhof offers another exhibition in the exhibition room on the ground floor. The aim is to create an offer that is as broad as possible: painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, media art and installations.

The goal is to offer young artists from the region an opportunity to exhibit their work.

The university culture is suitable for you too! 

One phone call with the Booking agency is enough to provide the first informal contact. We will happily provide you with a offer suited to you.