Transducers Science and Technology group

Welcome! We at TST specialize in three-dimensional nano- and microfabrication based on top down lithography methods. Within the MESA+ Research Institute for Nanotechnology, we invent new fabrication techniques and acquire fundamental understanding on the underlying physics. We demonstrate the techniques on various devices and try to understand the science of working principles and design, with the aim to ultimately transfer our knowledge to industry.

We contribute substantially to the classical physics education of engineers at the University of Twente, mainly the Electrical Engineering and Advanced Technology bachelor tracks, Electrical Engineering and Nanotechnology master programs and Nanodevices and Systems graduate school.

Latest news

TST in IOP’s selection of MEMS Life Science Applications

Capacitive interfacing paper choosen for IOP’s selection of MEMS and Microengineering Life Science Applications ... read more

BioEARS STW-VICI in spotlights STW

The Dutch Technology Foundation STW, the organization that funded the BioEARS VICI project of Gijs Krijnen, has given some media attention to the recently received Bionic Award. At the same time an interview regarding the project was put online and made available (both items only in Dutch). ... read more

Biomimetic Research TST Awarded

TST biomimetic research awarded

Harmen Droogendijk was selected by an international jury for a 3rd place in the Bionic-Award 2014. The price was awarded for the quality of the biomimetic work carried out in the framework of the NWO/STW VICI project BioEARS (Bioinspired Engineering of Array Sensors) on the analysis, understanding and technical implementation of hair-based flow-sensors as inspired by the flow-sensitive hairs found on the cerci of crickets. ... read more

Improving signal-to-noise ratio by additive noise in a MEMS based slider structure

IEEE’s Journal of Micromechanical Systems (JMEMS) has recently accepted our paper “Stochastic Resonance in a Voltage-Controlled Micromechanical Slider” and put it online. Stochastic resonance (SR) is a phenomenon that has been extensively investigated theoretically, but which is much harder to study experimentally. In this paper, we report on an experimental micromechanical slider structure that allows for full control of most of the parameters that are of importance for the occurrence of SR. ... read more