Transducers Science and Technology group

Welcome! We at TST specialize in three-dimensional nano- and microfabrication based on top down lithography methods. Within the MESA+ Research Institute for Nanotechnology, we invent new fabrication techniques and acquire fundamental understanding on the underlying physics. We demonstrate the techniques on various devices and try to understand the science of working principles and design, with the aim to ultimately transfer our knowledge to industry.

We contribute substantially to the classical physics education of engineers at the University of Twente, mainly the Electrical Engineering and Advanced Technology bachelor tracks, Electrical Engineering and Nanotechnology master programs and Nanodevices and Systems graduate school.

Latest news

Remco Sanders receives the prestigious S-Trophy 2013

This year’s annual S-Trophy has been awarded to Remco Sanders. Remco received this highly prestigious award for his continuing efforts to support creativity and collaboration in the field of sensor development within the TST-group ... read more

PiezoMEMS RF filter

Hadi Yagubizade’s defends PhD thesis on Friday December 13th; work covered in NRC

The research of Hadi Yagubizade, who will defend his PhD thesis on piezoelectric RF MEMS filters on Friday, December 13th, was covered in a recent article in the Dutch newspaper NRC. The article, in Dutch, describes how Hadi’s new designs may help to shrink the size of RF filters in our future smartphones ... read more

Eight papers accepted at IEEE MEMS 2014 conference

A record number of 8 papers are accepted and will be presented at the IEEE MEMS2014 conference, to be held January 26-30, 2014 in San Francisco. The IEEE MEMS Conference is the flagship annual event of the MEMS community which is held every year. ... read more

Store data for more than one million years

What would intelligent life look like in one million years, in one billion? Will they know about intelligent life as it developed in the first couple of thousand years? Should we leave something behind for them? ... read more