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Cooperation is a key word at Twente. This is true not only on campus but also beyond it. The University of Twente works closely with other universities, businesses and government bodies, at the regional, national and international levels. The university maintains close contact with former students, as well as initiating and being actively involved in networks which aim to promote innovation and social progress. The two main cooporations with universities are:


The three leading universities of technology in the Netherlands have joined forces in the 3TU.Federation. Read more.


The UT is a partner in the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU).


Knowledge valorization is, along with education and research, the university's third core activity. Valorization means ensuring that knowledge which has been developed at the University of Twente is put to effective use, by translating it into economically productive activity, for example. Our student-run companies are the spin-off companies of tomorrow. As an entrepreneurial university, we believe it is extremely important to foster and support enterprise at all levels. Our entrepreneurial activities are housed mainly within the Kennispark Twente business park.
We also make use of new knowledge in other ways. We organize a wide range of activities for secondary school students, and our teachers and professors regularly make their voices heard in today's societal debates.