Prof.dr. Kees Aarts


prof. Kees Aarts(foto: Bart de Vries)

Professor of Political Science


Scientific Director Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies (IGS)

Telephone: + 31 53 489 3251 / 3280

Fax: + 31 53 489 2159

Email: Kees Aarts

Ravelijn building room: 4270 / 1444 (IGS)


Kees Aarts is Professor of Political Science in the School of Behavioral, Management and Social Sciences. He is also Scientific Director of the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies (IGS), the priority research institute of the University of Twente for management, social and behavioral sciences. His research focuses on democracy, elections and electoral behavior, in the Netherlands as well as in an international comparative perspective. Aarts received Bachelor and Master degrees from the University of Amsterdam (1979 and 1985), and his PhD degree from the University of Twente (1990).

Aarts serves on the editorial boards of American Political Science Review, Electoral Studies, and Methodological Innovations Online and was until recently (2015) co-editor of Acta Politica, His current professional activities further include: chair of the Dutch Political Science Association (Nederlandse Kring voor Wetenschap der Politiek); chair of the Scientific Advisory Council of DANS – Data Archiving and Networking Services; member of the Social Sciences Council (Sociaal-Wetenschappelijke Raad) of the KNAW; board member of the Wiardi Beckman Stichting, scientific bureau for social democracy in the Netherlands.

Kees Aarts is an elected member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW).


Kees Aarts has conducted and is conducting several commissioned research projects on elections, electoral behavior, and (survey) research methods. He also serves as a methodological consultant. As Scientific Director of IGS, he is strongly involved in its research themes and spearheads, including the Knowledge Center for Risk Management, Safety and Security (KCRV)



Kees Aarts, Jacques Thomassen and Carolien van Ham (2014), Globalization, representation, and attitudes towards democracy, in: Jacques Thomassen (ed.) Elections and democracy: Representation and accountability. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 201-231


Sedef Turper, Shanto Iyengar, Kees Aarts & Minna van Gerven (2014). Who is Less Welcome?: The Impact of Individuating Cues on Attitudes towards Immigrants. In: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.


Marieke Haan, Yfke P. Ongena, and Kees Aarts(2014) Reaching Hard-to-Survey Populations: Mode Choice and Mode Preference in: Journal of Official Statistics 30:2, 355–379


Ann-Kristin Kölln and Kees Aarts (2013), Signalling through vote intention polls between elections, in: Peter Esaiasson and Hanne-Marte Narud (eds.), Between-election democracy: The representative relationship after election day. Colchester: ECPR Press 


Kees Aarts and Holli Semetko (2012), The Commercialization of European Public Service Broadcasting and Political Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior. Chapter 15 in: Holli A. Semetko and Margaret Scammell (eds.) The Sage Handbook of Political Communication. Thousand Oaks: Sage, 186-196


Elections, democracy, public opinion and electoral behavior, methodology



Bachelor European Public Administration, Module 2.1 (Research Methods)


Bachelor European Public Administration, Module 2.3 (Political Science)


Masterclass European Studies Methodology (194119)


Masterclass (coordinator) Strategie, Beleid en Politiek: refer to the website.


Thesis supervision (Bsc, Msc, PhD)



An extensive curriculum vitae is available upon request.